We want to create a life that feels good on the inside & the outside; and this for every day!



YS7D was born with a simple idea to create timeless shirts with topnotch attributes for every day’s use in everyone’s life.

It is the visualization of an ongoing life story comprising each and every instance and experience in life… for anyone and everyone; men and women.

Rooted by the given initials of the ‘two siblings’ associated with the seven days of the week; yourshirt7days was created and launched in September ‘18.

Swiss Design | Made in Italy



”life is a journey to be experienced”

with this philosophy, YS7D wishes to answer to the human needs of today who are craving for living and seeing.

Every new piece designed can be ordered as such or personalized at one’s taste and requirement, allowing everyone to be part of the process of creation of the desired item.

Italy is the place where the brand defines quality and produces its collections.



Sustainability begins at the early stage, where the inspiration meets the design, which is then elaborated and finally seen on each item and wardrobe.

each collection includes aspects of lifestyle, contemporary features and components of the future trends.



"Dementia" is a derivative of the Latin "de mente" and means "without mind", which is noticeable by the disease-related disorder of mental capability. The symptoms of dementia include impairments of cognitive, emotional and social abilities, which lead to impaired social and professional functions.

Since the two Swiss founders of YS7D have been encountering dementia in their personal lives, they have decided to support this progressive widespread disease by actively participating in an initiative and association against this cause.

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